by Dr. Peadar Donohoe


A play and presentation for secondary school students about the negative impact of alcohol.


‘Choices’ is a play and presentation about the dangerous decisions that young people make around alcohol.  In the play Billy, Vikki and Oisin play a drinking game where Billy poisons himself with vodka and collapses into a coma.  In this limbo state Billy meets Dr. Casey, a quirky positive psychology scientist, who shows Billy, through a dramatic and comic inquiry, how his ‘choice’ to drink has been influenced by friends, family and media.  At the end of the inquiry Billy is asked to choose a future he wants: is it one that is riddled with pain from excessive drinking or one where he embraces his life joyfully and happily?  In the presentation section current research on the negative impact of drinking is shared combined with open questions to involve students in discussion.


Themes explored in Choices:
‘Choices’ is not only about the choice to drink harmfully or not, but also choices about:

  • the use of self-limiting labels that prevent one from reaching their potential,
  • the choice to take responsibility and ownership of one’s life rather than blame others
  • and the choice to live more consciously in the moment.


The development of ‘Choices’ has been gratefully supported by the HSE, Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force, Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, Kerry County Council and Cork County Council.


“…a moving and powerful drama…” – Senator Frances Black


Ticket price is €10 per student and requires a minimum number.