Reviews & Feedback on Cyclone Rep’s Sessions 2016/17

What teachers think of our shows:




The Hamlet Session: – “The acting was top class, really demonstrating the power of live theatre and the breaks really helped to bring through themes and explain the story-line.” – Michael Dillon, Galway Teacher


The King Lear Session – “Dynamic, fresh, vibrant and engaging show which breathes life into a leaving cert prescribed text.” – Laura O’Flanagan, Dublin City Teacher


The Merchant Session – “Exciting, dynamic, relevant, modern, up-to-date. Maintains concentration from beginning to end. Very insightful with focus on the main issues.” – Joanna Dineen, County Cork Teacher


The Romeo & Juliet Session  – “Presented in a concise, informative and humorous way. Really useful advise on stagecraft, interpretation and performance.” – Colm O Feachtnain, Dublin Teacher


The BPS Primary Session – “Good ideas for school follow up. Very interactive. Active plays very age appropriate. Ended on a great note with rap song.” – Maeve Griffin, Cork City Teacher


The BPS Secondary Session  – “Excellent portrayal of bullying. Relevant to daily student activities. Well presented. Language and actions were very realistic. Students learnt in a way that we probably couldn’t use in a classroom situation.” –  Geraldine Burke, County Galway Teacher