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28th of March, 2013

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Dear Cyclone supporters,


We are delighted with our new website. We hope you like it too. Lots of information here, reviews, videos, photos, downloads and more for you.


Let me tell you a little bit about what are we up to.  Currently Cyclone is taking a break during Easter and on Monday 8th of April our Direct-to-School Tour will commence around the country for 4 weeks. Yes, we are very happy about this, more and more schools all over the country are interested in our shows and we are going to areas which we havent before visited.


After the 3rd of May, our Direct to School Tour will be over and officially our 2012-13 Season finished.


We have many plans for the coming Season, so keep watching our Blog for more info!


Best wishes,


Marcus Bale

Cyclone Rep Company Manager