The Bullying Prevention Session Secondary


A worrying issue for young people


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A workshop play, presentation, and discussion on the topic of bullying behaviour for secondary school students. Written and Presented by Dr. Peadar Donohoe, BA, MEd and Trinity School of Education Researcher on the use of Drama Techniques for Bullying Awareness and Prevention.

The Bullying Prevention Session comprises an informative presentation, an engaging, powerful play and discussions with students. The Bullying Prevention Session aims to raise learner awareness about bullying by looking at:


  • What bullying is
  • The forms it can take such as cyber bullying, social and relational exclusion, verbal, physical, gesture and extortion
  • The roles played by those who actively and passively contribute to bullying incidents by bullying, following, supporting, purposely ignoring, looking on and possibly defending
  • The impact of bullying on the targeted person and the person who is doing the bullying


Ultimately, The Bullying Prevention Session has three goals to:


  • Challenge attitudes about bullying and
  • Involve students in creating strategies & tools to effectively curb bullying in their school
  • Share current research knowledge about bullying and its effects on young people


The Bullying Prevention Session has had its inaugural run in January, 2013 with highly supportive feedback from teachers:


“The play and workshop dealt with the issue of bullying in a very open and appropriate way.  I thought the cast were great and brought a real energy to the stage.  They dealt with student questions very well.”  – Paul McCormack, Kildare Secondary Teacher.


“Excellent Drama.  Very well put together.  Students thoroughly enjoyed it and learned from it.” Seamus Leahy, Limerick Secondary Teacher.



Cyclone Rep Actors with students from Hazelwood College after

a performance of The Bullying Prevention Session


This is a direct to school show and is recommended that each performance runs to individual years.


Ticket price is €10 per student and requires a minimum number.


Written by: Peadar Donohoe (with collaboration of the company)

Directed by: Peadar Donohoe

Cast: Aoife Aherne, Martin Condon, Luke Barry & Angela Newman/Peadar Donohoe