The Bullying Prevention Session Secondary


A worrying issue for young people


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Elements of the Bullying Prevention Session


Plot of the play: Four students, Dog, Mena, Petal and Cherry, have been involved in a schoolyard bullying incident that involved physical, verbal and cyber bullying.  In detention the students are given an essay task to explore what bullying is and how it affects their lives.  Through monologues and scenes each character shares with the audience the personal hurt that bullying has caused them and others.  When the students have a clearer comprehension of the pain that can come from bullying, they are given the assignment to create bullying prevention strategies that could work for their school.
Presentation: Current research on what bullying is, the roles students can play in bullying incidents as presented in The Bullying Circle (which has a small performance element), where it can take place in schools and examples of bullying prevention strategies are presented.  Throughout the presentation is littered with open questions so as to involve students and encourage them to speak out about the problem.


Workshop: In the workshop portion the students are asked to think about the assignment presented to the characters in the play.  Similarly, they are asked to discuss in groups of 10 what types of bullying happen in their school and where they happen.  Then to make a list of ideas and/or strategies that could work to prevent bullying in their school.  The top 3 ideas are presented in the workshop.  These ideas are written up on screen for all to see and ordered with the most popular ideas (the ones most groups agree on are at the top of the list).   The students are told that this list will then be given to their co-ordinating teacher who will work with them to enact some of the bullying prevention suggestions.

Ultimately, Cyclone Rep’s BPS has three goals:

  • Challenge attitudes about bullying
  • Share current research knowledge on what bullying is and its effects
  • Invite students to create strategies to prevent bullying in their school


This Direct-to-School show is suitable for all year groups, however we would advise that each performance runs to individual years.


“I cannot say enough about this project. It is making waves and
is without doubts changing the world we all inhabit for the better.”

– Brendan Scahill, HSE Community Worker


Ticket price is €10 per student and requires a minimum number.


Written by: Peadar Donohoe (with collaboration of the company)

Directed by: Peadar Donohoe