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A worrying issue for young people


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The Bullying Prevention Session tours throughout the Republic of Ireland and has been immensely successful in changing attitudes to bullying.  It has 3 parts: a play, presentation and workshop that aim to enlighten students and teachers about what bullying is, how it can affect a person and how it can be prevented.  Below is brief description of each element:


The Play is dramatic comedy that looks at how bullying affects the lives of three young people: Mena, Petal and Cherry. They have been involved in a schoolyard bullying incident that involved physical, verbal and cyber bullying and been given detention.  In detention they are given an essay task to explore what bullying is and how it affects their lives.  Through monologues and scenes each character shares with the audience the personal hurt that bullying has caused them and others.  When the students have a clearer comprehension of the pain that can come from bullying and their levels of empathy have been raised, they are given the assignment to create bullying prevention strategies that could work for their school.


 The Presentation: Current research on what bullying is, how it can affect a person and the ways it can be prevented are presented and discussed.  The presentation has many open questions to involve students and encourage them to speak out about the problem of bullying.


The Workshop: In the workshop the students are asked to discuss in groups what types of bullying happen in their school and where they happen.  Then they are asked to make a list of ideas and/or strategies that could work to prevent bullying in their school.  The most popular ideas are presented are written up on screen.   The students are told that this list will then be given to the pastoral care team who will work with them to action the bullying prevention suggestions.


Find below feedback from some of our supporters and research on The Bullying Prevention Session:


“I cannot say enough about this project. It is making waves and is without doubts changing the world we all inhabit for the better.”                                                – Brendan Scahill, Health Service Executive


“The play and workshop dealt with the issue of bullying in a very open and appropriate way.  I thought the cast were great and brought a real energy to the stage.  They dealt with student questions very well.”                                                 -Paul McCormack, Kildare High School Teacher


“Current, relevant and professionally delivered – a valuable lesson in self-care. Highly recommended.”                                                 – Frank Mulvihill, Cork Guidance Counsellor


“This is a timely and important work. We whole-heartedly recommend “The Bullying Prevention Session.                                                 – Don Myers, President, National Parents Council


“Students identified the most lasting impacts of the BPS were encouraging more confidence in someone suffering from bullying to speak up and address issues (i.e. to not suffer in silence), and more confidence in coming to the aid of fellow students who were being bullied.” – Goodwin, J., Bradley, S. K., Donohoe, P., Queen, K., O’Shea, M. and Horgan, A. Bullying in schools: An evaluation of the use of drama in bullying prevention. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health (2019).  Study based on feedback from students at six Irish secondary schools.


“Increases peer empathy towards those targeted by bullying and raises perceptions that    bullying is an issue that needs to be taken seriously.” – Aoife O’Donnell (2016), UCC Masters, Researcher in Applied Psychology, reporting on survey responses from a Cork County Secondary School with 120 students reporting.


Ticket price is €10 per student and requires a minimum number.


Written & Directed by: Peadar Donohoe