The Hamlet Session V.2.1.


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Cyclone Rep’s Hamlet Session takes a fresh look at Hamlet and asks does Hamlet actually go mad or is it an elaborate strategy?  The discussions with the audience and amongst the actors focus on the mental and spiritual health of Hamlet to get to the root of this crucial question.


Topics and themes analysed in this Session: Hamlet’s Main Source; Revenge Tragedy Genre; Hamlet’s Frame of Mind – Antic Disposition or Something Darker?; Hamlet’s Age & Universality; Appearance vs.Reality; Poetic Language; Action or Inaction; The Role of Women in the Play; Death/Mortality; Madness; Corruption; Interpretations of the Play.


Hamlet Quotes Fixed


****: Aimed at school audiences, well edited and presented in an accessible style, giving the young audience plenty to think about.” – Irish Examiner