The King Lear Session


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Following your feedback we’ve created a new version of The King Lear Session.  This revised show explores the motivations of Lear, Kent, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Gloucester and Edmund with humour, discussion and arguments that focus on the major themes of the play. And as always is performed faithfully to the text with top notch dramatic performances.


Topics and themes analysed in this Session: The Natural Order vs. The Unnatural; Filial Ingratitude; Madness; The Divine Right of Kings; The Nature of Man; Power and Responsibility; Families Mirroring Nations; The Parallels of Lear and Gloucester’s Journey; The Political Context of Lear’s Time.


“Excellent interpretation of play. Fun & humoured production making it easier for students to understand & enjoy” (Christine Leen, Tralee Community College, reviewing our 2017/18 production of “The King Lear Session”). 




Adaptation and Direction by: Peadar Donohoe

Poster Illustration: Danny Greenhalgh