The NEW Macbeth Session – National Tour from Oct 2017



Based on William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

Come and solve the puzzle that is Macbeth!


The mystery and magic of The Scottish Play as you’ve never seen it before! Hecate joins the actors analyzing the bards’ goriest play. A riddle is put forward to the students which, once answered, will aid them understanding how to dissect bloody Macbeth for their exams.


Topics and themes introduced and/or analyzed in The Macbeth Session:


  • The Source
  • The Scottish Play (The Macbeth Curse)
  • The Porter’s Speech
  • Appearance vs. Reality
  • Conscience/Guilt
  • Corruption/Ambition
  • The Theme of Blood
  • Evil vs. Good
  • Tropes
  • Manhood & Kingship
  • Lady Macbeth’s Motivation
  • The Role of Women in the Play
  • The Role of the Supernatural in the Play
  • Free Will vs. Fate

What Teachers thought of “The Macbeth Session” on our last run of the play: 


Macbeth quotes


Adaptation: Marcus Bale & Peadar Donohoe

Direction by: Peadar Donohoe

Cast: Anne Doyle, Luke Barry, David Peare & Marcus Bale

Sound Designer: Paula McGlinchey

Props Design and Construction: Davy Dummigan