The Merchant Session



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The Merchant Session: An entertaining and informative synthesis of analysis and performance that has the primary goal of helping Junior Cert learners in their understanding of Merchant of Venice while at the same time highlighting what a fine comedy it is. This abridged version of the play contains an entertaining scholarly review that clarifies the main themes and topics as well as an invitation for discussion.


Topics and themes introduced and/or analyzed in the Merchant Session:


* Friendship and Loyalty
* Merchant of Venice in Nazi Germany
* Launcelot’s Conscience
* Mercy and Justice
* The Role of Religion
* The Pound of Flesh
* Father and Child Love, Romantic Love, Love Between Friends
* Significance of Tubal
* Isolation
* Money & Wealth
* The function of the caskets
* Women’s Appearance & Reality
* Prejudice


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Direction by: Peadar Donohoe

Cast: Angela Newman, Luke Barry, Marcus Bale & Kieran O’Leary

Props Design and Construction: Davy Dummigan