About the Company


Cyclone’s audiences have doubled year on year since 2010.  How has this come to be?  What has made Cyclone so successful?  When we reflect on this we think of collaboration.  Collaboration is the eye of our creative storm.  In the surrounding whirlwind that makes up this collaboration there are ideas shared, teased and reborn, writers breaking new ground in theatrical presentation, inspired improvisational concepts written on our feet, actors giving 100% in heightened physical and vocal performances that bring language to life. This collaboration extends to our caring and committed staff and most important of all, our audience engaged, participating and feeding back to us.  This audience collaboration is critical to the development of our shows.  Frankly, there would be no Shakespeare Sessions, Bullying Prevention Session or Poetry Session if we did not listen to you.  As we enter into our new season with seven shows in repertory, our audiences are more important than ever.  We hope that you will continue to tell us what you think, like, don’t like and what you would like to see.


Your vision feeds our vision

   The Cyclone Rep Team


Cyclone Rep’s Biography

Founded in 1998 Cyclone has a prestigious performance history which includes: Merchant of Venice (Cork Opera House, 2007 -2009 “Arts Highlight of the Year, Examiner”), Suicide Notes (co-production with the Cork Mental Health Foundation, Samaritans & Cork School of Music, 2008, “The finest & most relevant production I’ve seen for secondary school students” – Maeve McGovern, St. Peter’s Community College), Romeo & Juliet (Cork Opera House, 2006 – 2009 “Fresh, funny and contemporary…never strays too far from Shakespeare’s emotional core” – Irish Times) Lonestar (Arthaven, 2008 & Cork Opera House, 2009 “****”, Examiner), Laundry and Bourbon, (Cork Opera House, 2009 “****”, Examiner), Murder at the Yummy Hotel (Arthaven, 2006), Letter from Iraq by Peadar Donohoe & Colin O’Doherty (workshop, 2005; CIT Arts Festival, 2006; published, 2007), Play the Piano Drunk (Granary, 2001; Andrew’s Lane Theatre & National Tour, 2002), Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll by Eric Bogosian (Granary, 1998, Dublin Fringe Festival, 1999, Cork Arts Festival, 2000) Cyclone Comedy Improv – Cork’s First Improvisational Comedy Troupe (1999 – 2001).